Frequently asked questions

Here we reply our customers most frequent questions

If you have any further doubt about our services, you can contact us and we will reply you.

What kind of documents I need to realize a shipment?

It depends of the nature of the goods and the destination. Normally it is enough with the commercial invoice, the packing list and an official document of identification.

What document I must keep as shipment receipt?

When we proceed with the shipment you will receive our invoice, copy of the bill of lading and receipt of the custom clearance.

Who must give the documents for the shipment the shipper or the consignee?

The documents must be given by the shipper. Sometimes, depending of the nature of the cargo, the consignee must give some document, following the custom requirements.

How can I trace my shipment?

We offer a personalized service to our customers. You only have to call us or send us an e-mail.

There is any special process for the importation of food?

In the importation of food we have to do some alternatives inspections to the custom clearance, these inspections are ordered by organisms different to the Custom Department, they are ordered by official departments that have capacity about the goods.

You have to ask us to know the kina of process needed depending of the cargo nature.

What kind of transport is more convenient?

It depends of the urgency and the budget for the shipment. We advise you in each shipment.

How can I ship animals?

Yes you can send animals. We do realize this kind of shipment. Also you will have to realize some process with your veterinary.

Could I ship dangerous goods?

Yes it is possible, it is only necessary to follow the rules about the quantity, kind of package, etc. we shall explain you all the details.

How much cost a shipment?

The amount depends of the origin and the destination of the shipment, the weight and the nature of the cargo.

I have to pay additional charges?

The buyer and the sellers agreed the charges that each party had to pay.

Only would be additional charges in the case of any unexpected, not provided in the budget.

How can I pack the goods?

In our warehouse we can realize this service if you need it.

How can I give you a cargo to realize a shipment?

We can pick up in your address or you can bring it to our warehouse.

Where you will deliver me a shipment? What time?

We can deliver wherever you need. The time of deliver can be agreed when we end the custom clearance procedure, if it is necessary.

I have not received the cargo, what can I do?

It can be a delay or a lost.

There is an obligatory price included in the quotation, to cover these incidences.

Also you can ask, when ordering the shipment, an all risk insurance, to cover any contingency.

I have received a shipment but it is broken, what can I do?

You have to notify the incident in the delivery receipt when you receive the cargo. Later you will have to realize the corresponding claim.

Can I recover the cargo when initiated the shipment?

Yes you can, paying the expenses generated until the moment of the cancellation.

My shipment is detained in the custom, and I don´t know what to do.

This problem could happen by different reasons, the best is to prevent and ask us, prior of the custom clearance process, about the needed requirements.

In the case of any incidence, we will solve it the fastest and more effective way.